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Tutorial – Search For Doctors Accepting Attorney Liens – Free Platform Doctors for Accidents

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About This Video


Step-by-step on how to create a free user account for our portal.

Steps (1 – 5)

Step one: Enter Law Office email and create a password by clicking on the portal element. Then click attorney registration. Fill out the form and read the terms and condition and click accept or deny.

Step two: Once you complete step one, a customer service representative will contact you and walk you through a three minute process on how to use the platform. Also. You can contact us directly utilize our appointment services completely free.

Step three: On the left-hand corner is your user bar full of free tools. Click on “search listing”. To search for a liendoctor near your clients ZIP Code, city, or full address. Step four: You can choose specialty type and on the right hand side you can also search for Personal Injury or Workers Comp Lien Doctors.

Step five: Getting contact quickly with a provider by clicking chat now or calling them directly to the Personal Injury department phone number linked in the bio. You can also check to see the distance between your clients home and the physicians office. Create a Favorites list if you need to. That’s pretty much it you can always contact us directly for any help.

If you need help finding doctors on a lien – Contact Us

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