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Frequently Asks Questions By Doctors

What makes Doctors for Accidents different?

Everything we do, we do to uplift and encourage everyone around us. To be better stronger healthier. We take the stress off patients by helping them through the hardships, so they can focus on recovery. We did this by creating a directory for locating physicians who work with liens, in turn providing a convenient experience for Doctors, Attorneys, and patients. Because we know car accident are stressful. With all the things a patient’s body endures, the last thing they should be worried about is, finding a doctor that works with liens. We stand for equal opportunity and work hard to create that by basing our search results on location, and medical experience. Our partnered physicians play a flat fee, and let their work speak for itself. No exclusive contracts, just convenience, giving patients and attorneys access to thousands of physicians. We make the stressful things for patients easy and allow our doctors to focus on their patient’s recovery. We work for you, so you don’t have to.

Why are our prices so low compared to other companies?

We wanted to create a company where everyone could have fair and equal treatment. We’re quality is a core value regardless of what you pay. There are no exclusive memberships, just a flat rate paid by doctors giving each doctor fair and equal chance. Where their work can truly speaks for itself and allow patients to see just that.

Why choose or advertising’s VS others?

We aren’t just advertising you as a doctor, we are connecting lawyers patients and doctors to create a seamless form of communication. Because we stand for quality and convenience, we make the things that seem hard easy. We’re lean doctors might have been hard to find, we now bridge the gap. Patients can easily view rate schedule and see billing all on our site. Creating a platform where all parties can easily find what they’re looking for.

How do you perform your advertising?

Social media, video production, and paid features on our D4A Magazine. We also utilize power point presentations, to educate paralegals/case managers on the use and benefits of our platform. We do person to person advertising, along with participating in trade shows. Where just for being a part of our directory, you will get exposure at all our booths, and events that we create. Other ways you can take advantage of advertising is through our charity events. Though you will be represented by us at any charity event, you can also opt-in to be a sponsor at any of our private charity events. This is a great option because while you get to be a part of bettering the world, you can also get a tax deductible!

How do I know if this is right for my business?

Contact our Sales Manager directly, to schedule and appointment at your convenience.


Phone: (424) 288-0960

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