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Doctors For Accidents is an equal opportunity online directory for locating physicians on liens.

Everything we do, we do to uplift and encourage everyone around us. To be better, stronger, healthier. We take the stress off patients, by helping them through the hardships so they can focus on recovery. While our doctors work hard to heal their body, we work hard for our Doctors so they can solely focus on their patients. We do this by creating an online directory, for locating physicians who work with liens. We get to fulfill our need to make the world a little better, by creating convenience for attorneys, doctors, and clients.

Providing equal opportunity is what we do, by basing our search results on location and medical expertise, not higher membership prices. Our partnered physicians pay a flat fee, and let their work speak for itself. No exclusive contracts, just convenience, giving patients and attorneys access to thousands of physicians.

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Meet The Team

Jean Paul Anderson

Chief Executive Officer


The founder of Doctors for Accidents, Jean Paul Anderson of JPA Liaison Solutions, is an industry expert with over 8 years of experience. Trained by an industry leader with over 24 years of experience, Mr. Anderson understands the difficulty of finding a physician that is the right fit for their client. With Doctors For Accidents, pairing attorneys, physicians and clients has never been easier.

Nikki Kinsella

Chief Financial Officer


Is the lead partner for Doctors For Accidents & lead creative partner in charge of integrated marketing. Nikki understands the creativity needed for marketing. She is able to constantly think of new innovative ideas to bring business to the company. She is able to manage and develop all of email marketing, designs, social media and branding. Nikki has a background of managing successful businesses and helping them grow from the ground and up.

How We Can Help

Doctors for accidents will help you and treat you after you met with a car, truck, or bike accident.

We can provide you the proper medical assistance and documentation you require for a personal injury case. You may not have deal with a personal injury case without consulting a Doctor who treats auto accidents. An accident doctor is prepared to deal with auto crash injuries. Automobile crashes/accidents can cause a wide range of injuries. Therefore the purpose of doctors for accidents is to help and treat you and bill your accident coverage organization, a medicinal lien, or lawyer’s lien. We provide 24 hour urgent care and best car accident doctors in California

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After you have been injured in an auto accident, the exact opposite thing you have to stress over is the manner by which your medical care will be paid. Thus, you have to find an accident doctor for that. Accident doctors can help and treat you under a medical lien or attorney lien.

With the help of this, you can focus on your recovery and not stress over medical bills. We are prepared and ready to help you in the unfortunate event you have been injured in an auto accident.

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