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Dr. Benji Tehrani – Personal Injury Show | S1:EP6

By December 21, 2021July 13th, 2023No Comments

About This Video

In this week’s episode, We interviewed Dr. Benji Tehrani. Dr. Benji is one of our featured specialist that is apart of our Doctors For Accidents community. He is also owner and podiatric surgeon of KingsPoint Foot & Ankle. Dr. Benji Tehrani took time to do an interview and give us some insight into the world of pediatrics and share a little bit about a pain relief product he developed and is selling on his site. We hope you, The audience, enjoy this interview and gain a genuine perspective into the world of pediatrics. Try Dr. Benji’s Product NERVE ASSIST 

Legal Disclaimer: This is not legal advice or medical advice, seek a licensed attorney for legal advice. Only to be used as educational information and entertainment.

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