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Tina Odjaghian – Personal Injury Show | S1:EP4

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About This Video

In this week’s episode, We interviewed Tina Odjaghian of Odjaghian Law. Mrs. Odjaghian was a contributor to our TBI issue and runs Brain Society of California and Odjaghian Law. From Mrs. Odjaghian’s youth, she has be resiliently putting in the effort to become one of Metro Los Angeles’ top influencers in Litigation and Traumatic Brain Injury. We were honored to get some time with her to ask her more in depth questions about her, her work, and the article she contributed to our publication. We hope you, The audience, enjoy this interview and get something out of it.

Legal Disclaimer: This is not legal advice or medical advice, seek a licensed attorney for legal advice. Only to be used as educational information and entertainment.

Tina Odjaghian – Questions & Answers (Episode 004) Interview
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  1.  Most kids hate manual labor, reading your article you worked at a flower shop with your mom. Did you learn to appreciate those days as you got older? What did you learn?
  2. Did you grow fond of a specific type of flower?
  3. Can we talk about the drafting of your 5 year old brother from your country?
    What do you remember thinking back on that as an adult?
  4. Have you gone back?
  5. Fifth language? What other languages do you speak? Have they helped you with your career?
  6. How did you develop such keen negotiating skills? Any books and or courses you would recommend if our audience wants to dive deep to master this skill?
  7. What negotiation skill or trait really helped change your life?
  8. Tell us about the one case that made you passionate about TBI?
  9. You have your own firm. What made you succeed in your first 5 years?
  10. Any advice you would give your younger self when starting your firm?
  11. Tell us about the Brain Society of California?

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