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Forward Legal Funding – Personal Injury Show | S1:EP3

By October 8, 2021July 17th, 2023No Comments

About This Video

Forward Funding – Questions & Answers (Episode 002) Interview
Re: Forward Legal Funding provides cash advanced for all plaintiffs and personal injury claims.


  1. What are some reasons people would seek legal funding?
  2. How do plaintiffs benefit from pre-settlement funding?
  3. Do all personal injury cases qualify for funding?
  4. Is Cash advance taxable?
  5. Pre-settlement funding differs from a loan?
  6. Does pre-settlement funding limited to only injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents?
  7. how long does it take to get cash?
  8. how much can a plaintiff receive?
  9. Can someone still qualify even with bad credit?
  10. Can you provide funding for a settled case?

Enjoy guys! for more information, reach out to forward legal funding. This information is not legal advice and is only for entertainment. speak to a California licensed attorney before seeking legal funding.