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Bicycle accidents are on the rise everyday especially with Covid around.

Everyday more families are purchasing bikes and going for rides. Some are riding for fun and others are commuting to all different locations which include work or school. Cyclists are known to have almost the same rights as motor vehicle operators, there have been over 857 cyclists killed just in each year alone and 450,000 injured in the United States. There is a common misconception that a cyclist is to blame when in reality it’s the motorist majority of the time.

Most common accidents caused by drivers

  • Blind Spots – Sadly a lot of drivers don’t see who is in their blind spots or pay attention when changing lanes or making a specific turn. Since bicyclists are smaller and quiet, they are easily hidden compared to other vehicles.
  • Rear-end Accidents – A majority of the time, bicycles are moving in the same direction as the moving vehicles. Even when a cyclist is doing the right thing by stopping a red light, they have no control of getting hit from behind.

  • Aggressive Driving – There are drivers who have intense road rage. When a cyclist is going their normal speed and upsets the driver they are at high risk of getting involved in an accident.

  • Right hook crashes – There are accidents where a driver could be making a right hand turn and they don’t see the cyclist, a right hook crash can occur. When this type of accident occurs the cyclist has no time to respond which leads to a huge accident.
  • Distracted Drivers – Drivers who aren’t fully paying attention to the road are a huge reason for cyclists to result in serious accidents.

  • Dooring Accidents – Dooring accidents refers to when a driver is simply opening their car door without looking who is around, they could seriously injure a cyclist. Cyclists are going full speed and if they get hit by a random door they have no time to stop then get hit.

Ways to Avoid Cyclist Accidents

  • Do Not Ride a Bike Under the Influence – It is common for people to believe that riding a bike after drinking or smoking is better than driving under the influence. Even though drinking and driving is illegal, there have been 37% of cyclists who have been involved with accidents that had alcohol consumption.
  • Wear Safety Gear – Wearing a helmet is the most important protection a cyclist needs. After all the different accidents listed above, the helmet is what is going to save your head.

  • Avoid Riding at Night – Most bicyclist accidents occur at night when drivers aren’t able to see them or the cyclist can’t see.

  • Wear Visible Clothing – It’s best to use clothes that are going to pop, so when a driver is distracted they will have a better chance of seeing you. This is very important to do at night because it will help a lot to be seen.

  • Avoid Distractions at all Costs – Cyclists who fully pay attention will have a better chance of saving themselves by being more aware of their surroundings.

Just in California, there have been 78.6% of bicycle accidents that happened during daylight hours, 15.1% at night with streetlights, and 1.7% accidents with no lights.

The main road hazards to watch out for are large cracks in the roads, sewer gates, sand and or snow in the road. Potholes are a huge risk and roads that are poorly lit. If you are or someone you know has been involved in a bicycle accident, call Doctors For Accidents, we can assist you find a perfect physicians.