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About This Video

In this week’s episode, Dr. Alexander D. Ghasem of LA Spine Surgeons had a discussion with our host about spine surgery and the processes that are involved in the training and the modern advances in technology using telepresence surgery. We were grateful to have him in our studios for an interview and a part of the Doctors For Accidents community.

Dr. Alexander D. Ghasem – Questions & Answers (Season 2: Episode 3) Interview

  1. When is Orthopedic Spine Surgery necessary?
  2. When is Spine Surgery an Emergency?
  3. Whats the best way to have the smallest cut for spine surgery?
  4. How do Spinal fusions compare with Artificial disc replacement?
  5. Difference between younger and older in regards to recovery?
  6. How long do Artificial discs last?
  7. Artificial disc replacement recovery time?
  8. Cervical Disc replacement recovery?
  9. Lumbar Disc Replacement?
  10. Problems with artificial dis replacement
  11. 3 factors to consider before ADR?
  12. How should someone prepare before ADR?
  13. What are some activities a patient needs to stay away from after ADR?
  14. What is the Cost for Spine Surgery Overall?

Robotic-Assisted Spine Surgery Lets talk about it.

  1. I heard that there is a reduction in Radiation Exposure, and its fully customizable for each patient?
  2.  Is there an Increased accuracy and safety in the placement of the instrumentation?
  3. How do you choose a candidate for Robotics Surgery?
  4. Have you use the Da Vinci Surgical system?
  5. What Risks exist with Robotic-assisted surgery?
  6. What is the Cost of Robotic Surgery?

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