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First and foremost, dial 911 if somebody is critically hurt. Don’t forget to dial the cops.

Let’s take an example; as I exited the freeway, a young college student ran into the back of me. He nearly destroyed his vehicle. He begged me not to contact the police as his father hurried to the scene. His son has probably met a few accidents, which would explain why their insurance costs were so high.

Nevertheless, I dialed the police, and they responded. They filed an accident report, and I was able to repair the truck with the help of an insurance provider. If we had swapped information with the father and son, I might have been in trouble.

1. File a Police Complaint

Filing a police complaint or an accident report is an ideal thing to do after an accident. It’s advisable to report at all times. Never give the driver who hit you your information and drive off. The city, county, or state police agencies are always willing to provide you with a police or accident report. Who arrived at the scene and whose jurisdiction it is will determine what happens. If you didn’t receive a company vehicle with a case number, contact the city where it happened and speak with records.


2. Get Medical Treatment Instantly

Suppose you get severe injuries due to a car collision; it’s best to visit the ER. On accident day, the majority of people don’t suffer any injuries. After a few hours, days, or even weeks, the pain can start. Be careful to visit a doctor treating injuries from auto accidents if you are wounded. This will assist in supporting your attorney’s injury claim with evidence. However, if you exchange contact information and drive away from the collision scene, you won’t have any evidence of the collision.

3. Speak With a Lawyer

Insurance companies occasionally treat customers fairly. But that’s unlikely to happen at all times. Seek the counsel of an experienced lawyer. You can contact any personal injury lawyer without cost. Find someone else if they don’t comply with this. When dealing with a belligerent insurance company or adjuster, attorneys might be helpful. A competent attorney can assist in getting your medical bills paid. They might also help with property damage and declining value. There are some excellent attorneys; you simply need to find them. Many people have at least one negative experience with an attorney.