How do I add basic information about my business?

  • You will be able to add languages spoken, hours of operation, a business logo, credentials, and social media links after creating and paying for a listing. You have access to add or remove doctors at any time.

Why do I need to see a doctor who specializes in Auto Collision Injuries and Personal Injury?

  • After an auto injury, you have the option of going to an urgent care doctor or the emergency room. Most victims of an auto injury will schedule an appointment with their primary physician. An accident doctor will help guide you through the process with the best care for your auto collision injury. Your primary doctor does not deal with personal injury or auto collision on a daily basis. In our medical directory, you will find accident doctors who specialize in high-impact or low-impact injuries (also known as "soft tissue" injuries). High- impact injuries include broken bones, whiplash, or a concussion. 
  • High-impact injuries are normally seen by a specialist like an Orthopedic doctor or Neurologist. Pain Management physicians also specialize in high-impact auto injuries. These specialists will see you with no out of pocket costs. Your attorney will sign a medical lien on your behalf when your case settles. The law office will be in charge of negotiating your doctors lien